How to Eat

For best results

For best health one must be disciplined to do what’s best for the temple. When the body awakes one must feed the body with the necessary minerals for its best health, and cognitive development, which are fruits🍇🍈🍉🍌🥭🍒🍓🫐

Keep in mind the goal is to be healthy in every way possible. In order for the body to be healthy it must be alkaline since it was created by the creator: alkali through alkalinity.

To rid or maintain the body from illness or diseases the body must avoid acid-forming foods and beverages e.g. coffee, egg, meat and fish (uric acid) dairy(lactic acid), artificial sugar (glycemic acid), starch(carbonic acid) and also alcohol.

To maintain an alkaline body which is necessary for our wellness and longevity the body should consume lots of alkaline-forming foods that are rich in bromide, iodide, carbonate, phosphates (fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains, and herbs) that are specifically non-hybridized. Eating intentionally will help to create a more balanced life resulting in the ultimate peace and harmony within.

FRUITS FIRST (Break fast)

Eating fruits when breakfasting and throughout the day can assist the body to rid itself of toxins and free radicals, this enhances weight loss and a clean, balanced system. Fruits also provides the body with the natural sugar it needs, this is called fructose. Fructose is type of sugar[monosaccharide] which digests slower, this helps the body to maintain a more stable metabolism as time progresses. Natural Fructose from eating fruits on a daily basis will provide the body with the appropriate amount of sugar it needs to sustain, eliminating the use for insulin and lowering impact on blood glucose levels.

(Drink water between intervals.)

LUNCH (optional 2nd meal)

Lunch isn’t necessary. It’s typically a meal in the middle of the day that is lighter than an evening meal. If you choose to have lunch, the body should have already had its first elimination (bowel movement). Remember the body requires alkalinity to maintain its health, therefore lunch should be an added layer of protection which should consist of vegetables (leafy greens, green juice, seamoss, cherry tomatoes), seeds (hempseed, watermelon seeds, papaya seeds, fennel seeds), nuts (Brazil nut, walnuts, legumes (i.e chickpeas, etc.)

Seamoss smoothie and green juice are highly recommended since it provides the essential minerals the body requires. Moreover, AlkaEssence nutritional beverages are easier on the body by assisting the digestive system. This is important to maintaining balanced energy levels. Bread is not a recommendation but if you choose to consume it, choose a natural or sprouted grain eg. Spelt, rye.

(Drink water between intervals.)

DINNER (3rd meal)

Dinner is the main meal of the day, taken either after midday or during the evening. Again, prior to having a third meal the body must have already had at least one or more bowel movement(s) from the first or second meal. It’s important not to consume meal on top of meals since this can overwork the digestive system causing indigestion, constipation and lowering energy levels. When we hear the word dinner, psychologically we tend to have the urge to eat like a king, but in fact the body should be eating like a god.

Dinner should be consumed not too late in the evening, rather at sunset or earlier. Meals after sunset are usually difficult to digest as our metabolism slows down. This is because at sunrise our digestive system speeds up and after sunset our digestive process reduces, this may also cause indigestion. Eating a 3rd meal/ dinner must be an intentional action. This meal can be used to manage weight gains, muscle mass and gut health. Which means dinner should be planned and executed with grace.

There are a number of ways to prepare a delicious but not “Ilicious” meal. First, try to think about what minerals and nutrients does the body need for the rest of the day to function at its best while winding down to be ready for another beautiful day to live. It is ok to eat the same thing you had for lunch for dinner and the same things every day if you choose. Delicious foods like squash (varieties), chickpeas (legumes), mushrooms (mycelium), natural grains (wild rice, quinoa, etc.) sautéed or raw (non processed) are highly recommended. Using herbs (bitters, calming) to assist digestive enzymes is one of the best ways to assist the Body at the end of the day.
(Drink water.)

Recommended Daily Alkaline Meals 

Consume spring water (room temp.) teas or decoctions such as immunizer, lymph, or libido prior to enjoying your first meal. This is important step to prevent any disruptions in how your food digests throughout the day. When doing a cleanse use the colon detoxifier, 3 times daily as recommended. 

Below contains a recommendation on what your daily meal intake may resemble when practicing an alkaline lifestyle. Remember this is not a diet, but a commitment to eating to live. Eating intentionally each day will improve physical and mental well-being thus balancing your cognitive functions. 

1st meal (Fruits)

Melons  Mangoes
Berries Sops


2nd meal (Lunch)

Leafy greens/seaweeds  Natural grains/legumes
Nuts Smoothies/juices


3rd meal (dinner)

Squash variety Legumes
Mushrooms Natural grains



w/key lime w/ cleavers
w/dates coconut water


Water should be consumed between meals for proper hydration and digestion. Green juice may also be consumed as per recommended amounts, too. 

Check out our What to Eat section to find the food list and alkaline meal ideas.