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Chlorophyll Green Juice

Chlorophyll Green Juice

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Crafted with chlorophyll-rich alkaline plants such as nopales, purslane, amaranth, several other leafy greens and electrifying coconut water with a hint of ginger and agave. 

Green Juice is very important for your nutrition because it may provide chlorophyll for the body and boosts the immune system, rehydrates the system, and assists in reducing  inflammation. Especially since many of us do not get enough sunlight aka vitamin D this juice comes in handy. The green juice can be a way to get more chlorophyll in the body and boost energy, too. It also may removes heavy metals from the body since the Green Juice also contains herbs like cilantro. According to the NIHC, "Chelating ligands are capable of binding to toxic metal ions to form complex structures which are easily excreted from the body removing them from intracellular or extracellular spaces." Cilantro is considered a chelating ligand.

Shake well. Use 2 to 4oz daily

May contain high oxalate levels, which can be harmful to people with kidney problems. However, various alkaline citrus fruits containing citrates are in this product which may act as a decalicifier of calcium oxalate levels.

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