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Health and Wellness Consultation - 1 Hour

Health and Wellness Consultation - 1 Hour

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Connect with a certified professional Herbalist, medicine maker, and NatMed. 

For additional support on your health and wellness journey book approximately an hour session with a certified Natural Medicine professional. During the consultation you will be able to share your current health concerns, stressors, eating habits, environment challenges, and goals in greater detail during the Client Review. 

Examples of common health concerns: digestive or Intestinal disorders, circulatory and lymphatic system, respiratory system, allergies, headaches, blood sugar imbalances, diet and nutrition, weight loss, skin rashes like hives or eczema, menstrual cycle imbalance, menopause, joint pain, and other health concerns. 

Your 60 minute consultation includes:

  • Review of your health and medical history
  • Review of your current diet and nutrition
  • Detailed alkaline food list, recommended herbs specific to address health concerns or goals, and a meal plan 
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