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Libido (men)

Libido (men)

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Decoction contains herbs like blue vervain, sarsarparilla, strong back, maca root, search mi heart, other alkaline herbs and spices.

Libido was carefully crafted to cleanse, strengthen, protect the prostate gland and maintaining the integrity of the male reproductive system: 

Blue vervain - could assist with the flushing out of unwanted toxins, especially
in the urinary tract

Sarsaparilla - may increase the male sex drive, increase blood flow and boost sperm motility

Strong back - can increase stamina and sexual power, reduce the risk of several
diseases and improve health conditions.

Maca root - is said to enhance libido and sexual function, improving sperm quality and quantity, and helping to balance hormones

Search mi heart - may assist with treating cold, flu, asthma also said to regulate blood pressure and treat heart disease

Based on your level of health or toxicity you may require to cleanse at minimum for 3 up to 21 days.

People who are on prescribed medication may consult your physician. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take this tea.

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