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Lymph Health

Lymph Health

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Decoction contains herbs like thistle, dandelion root, nettle, burdock root, other alkaline herbs and spices.

Lymph was carefully crafted to cleanse, strengthen and maintain a healthy, clear, functional pathway of the lymphatic system.

Thistle - antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, could stimulate the production and flow of
bile eliminating toxins through the liver, promoting a healthier liver and gallbladder

Dandelion -antioxidant, promote lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling and pain, boost immune system, support liver and kidney function,

Nettle - anti-inflammatory, assist to get rid of toxins from the kidneys, treats enlarged prostate(BPH), improve nutrient absorption

Burdock root - antioxidants, anti-inflammatory increase circulation, detoxify lymphatic system, purify and cleanse blood, may protect liver against poisonous substances, may also to assist diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and maybe even some cancers.

Based on your level of health or toxicity you may require to cleanse at minimum for 3 up to 21 days.

People who are on prescribed medication may consult your physician. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take this tea.

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