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Ultra Cleanse and Balance Package

Ultra Cleanse and Balance Package

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Ultra Cleanse and Balance package comes with your choice of Estrobalance or Libido with a Seamoss Smoothie or Gel

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This decoction should help to eliminate parasites, feces, promote a healthy gall bladder, gut and reduce excessive mucus. Made with herbs like quassia bark, cascara sagrada, rhubarb root, and a few others. Based on your level of health or toxicity you may require to cleanse at minimum for 3 up to 21 days.

This decoction contains herbs like thistle, dandelion, and nettle. This may be used to cleanse, strengthen and maintain a healthy, clear, functional pathway of the lymphatic system. This is known to reduce swelling and pain, too.

Estrobalance | This decoction shepherd's purse, red clover, and fennel. This is said to assist with cleaning, repairing, protecting and maintaining health in the female reproductive system. 

Libido | This decoction contains blue vervain, sarsaparilla, and strong back. This may be used to cleanse, strengthen, protect the prostate gland and maintaining the integrity of the male reproductive system. 

This decoction has herbs like burdock root, sarsaparilla, Guinea hen weed. This can be used as an iron supplement and is very good in oxygenating the blood. This also boosts energy, promotes a healthier lymphatic and reproductive system. Consider it an energy boost supplement that you can take daily or as needed.

Green Juice is very important for your nutrition because provides chlorophyll for the body and boosts the immune system, rehydrates the body, and assists with inflammation. Especially since we don’t get enough sunlight aka vitamin d this juice comes in handy. Made with chlorophyll-rich alkaline plants such as nopales, purslane, amaranth green, watercress, spiced with ginger, wild citrus fruit and a touch of agave.

Seamoss gel | This special gel contains 92 minerals brewed with sarsaparilla for added iron. This may help to strengthen joints, lower cholesterol, boost immune system, enhance your reproductive system, and remove heavy metals from your brain and body, and balance thyroids.

Seamoss smoothie | Seamoss smoothie | Most importantly, seamoss is a muscle food. Understanding that the body requires over 100 minerals, seamoss has 90% of those required minerals. Use it as a delicious daily nutritious supplement. This is said to lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, too. 

Based on your level of health or toxicity you may require to cleanse at minimum for 3 up to 21 days.

People who are on prescribed medication may consult your physician. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may consult your physician

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