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Soursop Seamoss Gel

Soursop Seamoss Gel

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wild-crafted seamoss, soursop and other natural spices.

Seamoss contains ligands which have binding receptors. Soursop is said to have a chemical compound that through apoptosis (programmed cell death) induces a mitochondrial pathway to ligands binding receptors. Thus, causing sequential activation of Caspases (controlling cell death and inflammation) diffusing the abnormal cells. This could promote the destruction of free radicals. 

Combined this superfood may help to protect skin cells from environmental oxidative damage along with antioxidants which are said to boost immune system and health. This has been promoted as an alternative cancer treatment across the tropics. 

When alkaline fruits are added to the seamoss gel like soursop this creates what may be considered a powerful superfood. 

1 tablespoon, 2-3x daily

People who are on prescribed medication may consult your physician. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may consult your physician. 

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